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This is a dedicated tutorial on knee down technique on your own bike.

It's not about speed, overtaking, braking or balance. It's just a whole 3 hours spent grazing your sliders on Mallory Park's famous tarmac, a huge dedicated training area to help you build confidence and technique.

Advanced motorcycle training like this, needs space for you to practice without the worry of hooning round with 30 other riders, so we only run very small groups.

Advanced motorcycle training doesn't have to be dull, we'll make sure you have a great time, learn loads and improve your technique to the point where you can get your knee down at will.

We do stress that this is not for road use, we wouldn't dream of getting your knee down on a public road but the ability, should you want to, is always nice to have. This will help you to enjoy your bike more, learn just how far you and your bike can safely lean if you needed to, which will give you tremendous confidence in all aspects of advanced motorcycle road and track riding.

If we can improve your confidence in you and your bike, that's half the battle. Too many riders get into trouble on public roads because they limit their ability on a bike through apprehension. Let's remove that doubt, in a controlled, safe environment and see where that takes you.

We start off with a classroom session, looking at riding techniques, ability to turn quickly and body position.

We'll look closely as to why most people don't get their knee down and what could be holding them back.

Then it's all very logical with plenty of discussion, sensible feedback, to ease you into the session.

Constant close feedback is given throughout with photo analysis to help you understand where you are improving and the gains you have made.

Overall it's a real learning curve for everyone who attends, but be warned, it is knackering!

That's why we only do a three hour session, you have to ride home afterwards.

Great fun....but not for public roads!

Course times are 2pm - 5pm at Mallory Park.

Road legal exhausts ONLY. We do not allow loud systems on track.


Accommodation is available near to Mallory Park.

Kirkby House ,LE9 7QE

01455 841153



Knee down with Circuit Based Training at Mallory Park

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