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Before booking your motorcycle training course you should be aware of the main reasons most new bikers get into trouble.

  • Inability to corner correctly.
  • Poor slow control - especially at junctions.
  • Lack of ability to brake in corners between 40 - 70mph.
  • Feeling pushed out onto public roads too early

Circuit Based Training will help you understand and master these vital areas of riding a motorcycle. Based at Mallory Park Racing Circuit we have one of the largest, most versatile and best equipped training facilities in the UK. We offer our clients bespoke, flexible training packages that suit every individual. The emphasis is on having fun while learning to ride, but more importantly, making sure we produce good riders rather than just passing a test.

Everybody appreciates that you need room and time to practice, BEFORE embarking onto public roads, let us give you the training you deserve with the high pass rate you need.

Call us on 01455 840645 if you need advice. As a guide, we would suggest the following;

4 Day course = Limited experience of motorcycles.

5 Day course = No Experience.

9 Day course = No Experience. Steady pace.

Remember, you will have to pass your Motorcycle theory test before attending your course. Call 0300 200 1122 or go online to book. Always carry your driving licence while on the course. DVSA rule is No licence = No Test

DVSA Motorcycle test

Hazard avoidance motorcycle training at Mallory Park

The hazard avoidance test is delivered on track at speeds of up to 60mph for all clients. You can practice accelerating up to speed in 2nd or 3rd gear to decide which will give you the best drive depending on which bike you are on. You can then try this test, on track at speeds of 30mph - 45mph until you find your personal limit (we topped out at 65mph) It's easy when you know how to counter steer and by the end of day your first day you'll know what we mean!

Further training on inclines is included in the off road element, which is ideal preperation as not all roads are flat! Once you (and we) are confident you've got it, we'll transfer these skills on to the road.

All of our students are actively encouraged to take advantage of the extensive facilities on offer at Mallory Park.

This enables all clients to experience:

  1. Correct use of brakes to perform emergency stops at up to 65 mph. (this will be twice the speed of the one on test)
  2. Counter-steering to enable students to safely negotiate bends and corners at road legal speeds.
  3. Use of the racing circuit to get up to the speeds needed for dual carriageway/motorway riding.
  4. Higher speeds also enable our clients to experience road and weather conditions and the feeling of vulnerability BEFORE they go out on the open road.
  5. Hill starts, U Turns (both uphill and downhill) braking on bends and realistic left and right turns.
  6. Module 1 "hazard avoidance" practice every day.
  7. Proper use of gears to obtain realistic rates of acceleration.

The extra experience and machine control that this allows ensures that our clients are fully prepared before going anywhere near a public road. This makes the whole learning experience more enjoyable for both client and instructor. It also means that maximum progress is possible as all the basics have been covered in far greater depth.

We will ensure you become a safe, confident and competent rider by providing an environment where you can learn at your own pace . All our courses include CBT (If required), bike hire (600-1250cc), use of the race track, clothing and on bike video analysis.Everybody recognises the need to practice the hazard avoidance test in a safe, controlled environment. At Mallory park we have the facilities to duplicate the module 1 test, giving you the ability to pass confidently at the end of your course. Passing this test gives you your full motorcycle licence enabling you to ride any size motorcycle. You can practice each element of the module 1 test, including the hazard avoidance every day on track or in the paddock. It's easy when you know how to counter steer and by the end of your first day you'll know what we mean!

Before taking to public roads, you can accelerate through all six gears and brake at speeds of up to 80mph, as well as gaining full tuition regarding cornering on the race track.

Pass the bike test with Circuit Based Training at Mallory Park