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This course concentrates on the finer aspects of cornering, to enable each rider to become more consistent in their assessment and execution of cornering at speed, along with hazard avoidance halfway round corners at up to 100 mph!

Bike magazine described the course as “Excellent value for money with superbinstruction”, awarding the course a five starrating. So if you’re happy to share one of the UK’s best racing circuits with just a few other like mindedriders, then this day is for you.

The day is designed to build confidence and is tailored to your own specific needs. We enable each rider to become more consistent in their assessment and execution of cornering at speed, in a variety of road situations. The emphasis is on making you a more confident rider by using the racetrack as your own personal testing ground!

The day begins at 9.30am with a comprehensive classroom briefing on the art of cornering. Then it’s on to the circuit with your instructor, who will work with you to master counter steering, pivot steering, zones of vision, rates of turn, body position, throttle control, gear ratios and traction levels through the turn.

We'll help you to improve your confidence and technique on the faster corners as well as the left / right combinations that many people have difficulty with.

We'll also show you how to do emergency stops at up to 100mph in a straight line and then perform the same emergency braking halfway round a bend at up to 100mph....that's what we call a real emergency! No other advanced motorcycle training course will give you this vital skill. It will totally change your depth perception when it comes to reading vanishing points on approach to bends. Your confidence, ability and safety will improve instantly.

Your motorcycle must be safe and roadworthy.
Full motorcycle clothing must be worn (knee sliders are optional).
A maximum of 10 riders
areallowed on each course which ensures high safety standards and your personal enjoyment. Videois used from several different angles to help you get the most from the day, which is scheduled to finish at 4.30pm. Remember, this is not a track day where the ambulance gets more track time than the bikes! This is a day to improve your technique and understanding of cornering in a safe controlled environment, with limited numbers of riders to allow you maximum track time, space and safety. Instructors will guide you to achieve your individual goals.

All bikes must have a road legal exhaust system, including baffles. NO noisy bikes allowed on track.

Standard fitment original exhausts are required as there is a strict 88db noise limit by law.

A choice of accommodationis available near to the circuit.

Kirkby House ,LE9 7QE

01455 841153


Hi Sean,

Dropping in a quick review of the Advanced cornering course i did with yourselves on 16/05/2016, firstly please thank all your staff for looking after us so well on the day, we were greeted as we arrived, and being offered a hot drink straight away was appreciated after my ride down from Sheffield (chilly morning up north lol) the Morning briefing before we went on track was both enlightening and entertaining, it was good to hear the other participants opinions and thoughts, it also cleared up a lot of the myth`s we are told about cornering and what`s needed to do it well.

Then on to the track session, with only two other guys and doing it at our own pace was relaxing and eased any nerves I had, with a few words from you on our technique it was surprising how quickly we all improved and got faster building our confidence both for left and right turns, doing this on a track enviroment is probably the only place it could be taught safely, as the afternoon went on I was surprised how quickly I was getting around the bends whilst still well within my comfort zone.

The session on an emergency stop on a bend at above 60 mph ( I think my quickest was 80) was a real eye opener, and having been in the situation like so many other riders out on the road, where we have panic braked and gone over onto the other side of the white lines (praying nothing is coming the other way) would never have believed such a manoeuvre was possible without losing the front end and sliding down the tarmac.

After a nice ride back home and a play in the twisty bits using what you taught I can thoroughly recommend this course to any rider no matter what their experience level.

A massive thank you to you and all your team

Tim Burgan 22/6/2016