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At Circuit Based Training, you can pass your driving test with confidence at our Driving School. Our manual driving lessons and driving courses, over 4, 5 or 9 days, are structured to help you make excellent progress, as quickly and safely as possible.

Available across the UK, for example, London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Wolverhampton, Luton and many more counties.

There are tremendous benefits when learning to drive at the race track. In the initial stages of your driver training, there's no traffic to consider, helping you to fully understand car handling and build confidence in a safe, controlled environment. During your driving lessons, you can concentrate on correct use of gears, acceleration, braking and steering in the safety of the circuit, we'll cover junction work, hill starts, reversing round corners, parallel / bay parking, emergency stops between 30-70mph, high speed avoidance, overtaking, risk assessment, road positioning and forward planning, all in the first two days without having to worry about other hazards. There's plenty of room to practice all that is required for the car test, within the track, it's a huge advantage for each new driver.

You'll be amazed at how much you can achieve and understand with our teaching techniques. Each day starts at 9.30am from Mallory Park with classroom sessions, demonstrations, in-car client comparison drives, and individual, to help you fully understand what is expected on the test. Some people expect to be driving for 7 hours a day on a 1:1 basis, this is not the case.

We give you a comprehensive learning experience on how to behave on the road and to fully understand your legal obligations as a driver. It's relatively easy to understand how to change gear, accelerate and stop, these basic controls are just the start. What matters most, is how you integrate with other road users and the decisions you make to ensure safe progress at all times. This element of learning to drive needs to be experienced and understood calmly, so we put clients together to enhance undertsanding and awareness. As anyone who has failed a driving test will tell you, it's generally the incorrect decision, usually through uncertainty or guesswork, that leads to a test fail, not the mechanics of how to control the car.

By observing as well as driving with other students, each client develops a better understanding of how to drive safely and make the vital decisions needed in plenty of time. Our driver training has always focused on initial control within the race track, as it's safer for you and helps delivers results far quicker than your more "traditional' way of learning to drive. Once out on the road, you'll be smiling at how easy it is. Let's face it, everyone drives, it isn't difficult when you know what to do and how your car handles. Let's get any mistakes out of the way in the safety of the empty race track, where you won't have any heart stopping moments involving any other traffic. Once all these little errors are corrected, we'll then take you out onto public roads, under the careful guidance of a fully qualified DSA driving instructor. With years of experience on the road, they will help you get up to and beyond "test standard" very quickly. We will tailor the course to suit your needs with lots of tuition in a manual BMW 2 series M Sport.

It's all very logical really. Why would you want to do it any other way?


There are three easy steps to getting your car licence

1) Call 0300 2001122 to book your written theory test 2) Pass theory test 3) Choose a course to suit you with a realistic timeframe (There are no gaurantees with any training schedule)

Welcome to motoring

Enjoy fast track driving lessons in Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham with Circuit Based Training.


For those who are travelling, a choice of accomodation is available near to the circuit.

Kirkby House , LE9 7QE www.kirkby-house.com 01455 841153

Royal Arms Hotel , CV13 OAG www.royalarms.co.uk 01455 290263

A pick up / drop off service is available from your hotel or home.

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