Direct Access - 4 Day (Some Motorcycle Experience) £1,190

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The 4 day motorcycle training course is for somebody with relevant riding experience, who drives a car (min 10 yrs). Our aim is to help you pass your motorcycle test safely.

This is an intensive motorcycle course, where the race track gives you the ideal environment to make safe progress in a controlled, professional manner. Having the race circuit available to practice on, will calm any nerves and allow the you to concentrate on the essential skills required for bike control.

You can learn at your own pace without any distractions. The progress most people make is quite astounding. Within the first day you should be able to understand how to use all 6 gears, achieved speeds of 50-70mph, perform an emergency stop between 30-70mph, steer correctly at low and high speed, understand reference points regarding road positioning, use of mirrors (OSMPSL), procedure for hazard awareness and meeting traffic, upward and downward hill starts along with turning left or right at junctions.

It's also vitally important that we teach you how to accelerate at an acceptable rate for the road. We can do this on the track to build up confidence and understanding of acceleration through the gears. We should have you confidently pulling away from junctions up to 50-70 mph by midday. Just as importantly, you need to know how it feels to stop the motorcycle from 70mph.

On track we can help you undertsand how it feels, correct procedures for test and appropriate braking pressure to guide you safely down to a controlled stop. These are essential skills for the road. We can cover all these areas on day one to give you a broad, enjoyable experience. This is only possible when you have as much room as we have at Mallory Park.

The use of counter steering for faster corners is fully explained and demonstrated on track for you to fully appreciate the need to understand how to safely ride your new bike. Our motorcycle training will prepare you for the bike test and more importantly, for the years ahead, when you have to make split second decisions to ensure your safety and enjoyment of motorcyling.

Accident prevention is the key, so we will ensure you know how to stop a bike mid corner, while leant over between 40 - 70mph. This will totally change your depth perception when it comes to cornering and keep you 100% safe.

On track we can help you undertsand how it feels, correct procedures for the motorcycle test and relevant practice areas for the module 1 DVSA bike test.

Only when you feel happy on the track between 0-70mph would we consider going out onto public roads. Then, because you know you are in FULL control of the bike, we can cover far more miles successfully and your confidence will increase.

All roadwork is conducted with a qualified DVSA instructor.

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CBT / Direct Access Motorcycle training at Mallory Park

Direct Access motorcycle training enables riders to gain a full UK motorcycle licence. This means you can go directly onto large capacity motorcycles safely, as long as your training is as exhaustive and detailed as it should be. At Circuit Based Training, we have the experience to deliver quality bike training for every new rider, helping you to pass the bike test with confidence. We don't believe that "adequate" training, covering just the basics of motorcycling is good enough. Through our work with the racing community, the motorcycling press and Police forces throughout the country, we have developed the best Direct Access training programme in the UK. Talk to any motorcyclist and they will tell you what we teach is great for getting a test pass but more importantly, it will keep you out of A&E. Our training will put a huge grin on your face when you realise the true benefits of initial training on the race track. Let's teach you how to perfrom emergency stops at 30-70mph half way round a bend or in a straight line, because, let's face it, you don't get the choice in the real world. Let's cover cornering techiques in full, the same as an "advanced" motorcyclist, because we don't believe that going round a corner is an "advanced" skill, it's essential! We all need confidence when it comes to cornering, this is born out of good, proven technique. Let's teach you all the techniques, within the safety of the race track. You'll soon realise that riding a motorbike is ALL about cornering confidence, without it you'll be scared stiff and never make the progress that you have been dreaming about.

The Direct Access course covers vital areas such as;

Hazard perception / Forward planning / Scanning / Dismissing / Focal points / Risk assessment

Throttle control / Clutch control / Braking balance / Cadence braking / Reference points / Balance points / Slow speed skillls

Module 1 and 2 test procedures / Mock tests on track and road / Junction work on track and road / Speed limits / Traffic management / Crash avoidance / Overtaking / Filtering