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Driving or motorcycle lessons can be difficult and stressful at the best of times. This is true in any major city throughout the UK. The sheer amount of traffic, along with the attitudes of other drivers, makes for a very difficult and often stressful way to learn. There is enough pressure on you, when learning a new skill, without having to cope with expectations of impatient drivers, swerving cyclists and unpredictable pedestrians.

That's why many people get away from the city and have a mini holiday, where they can learn to drive or ride safety on the race track. There are no pedestrians running across the road, no black cabs doing a quick U - turn in front of you, no cars or buses driving 3 feet off your bumper at speed, just an empty race track so you can focus calmly on the job at hand. You'll find that real progress can be made very quickly. During our training courses, many clients are up to speed and confident on their first day. They find that their control comes easily when they don't have to worry about oncoming traffic. Intensive driving courses don't have to be difficult when they are run at your pace. Most people find that they can perform perfectly well when they are allowed to do so. There is enough pressure at the end of any driving course with the test itself, there doesn't need to be any at the start.

This is what we provide at Circuit Based Training. An environment that allows you to learn to drive at a pace that suits you. You can build your confidence through repeated successful procedures, that can only be performed safely on an empty race track. Our training allows you to focus on the skills needed to make you safe and build confidence. Before you know it, you will be perfectly happy with your use of gears, acceleration, braking, cornering, observations and general awareness. Your ability to drive will be proven before you even leave the race circuit. It's then a simple task of transferring these skills on to the public roads when YOU are ready.

Our instruction is unique , because we start every client within the race track. Whether you are taking driving lessons or learning to ride, we know how nervous people are, and the need to establish some knowledge and skill, in a controlled environment is the priority.

The confidence given to every client is tremendous after just one day at the track. Everyone who attends our driver training course regard us as being the best driver training in Leicester. Car / Motorcycle lessons at Mallory Park are the best way to learn to drive in the UK. Why take driving lessons in London with all that traffic, when you can come to Mallory Park and learn in a safe, structured way? People travel to us because they realise the benefits of learning in a safe, controlled, professional environment. When you think of all the miles you'll cover once you have passed, it's not much to ask to travel 100 miles or so to learn safely.

With our intensive driving course you can pass your test in one week in a car or on a bike. The choice is yours.

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