"Motorcycle Training or Driving Lessons, Mallory Park is the place to learn" Bike Magazine

Circuit Based Training at Mallory Park, provides a safe, controlled environment, where you can learn how to ride a motorcycle or drive a car, and pass your test in one week. As a major racing circuit for bikes and cars since the 1950's, Mallory Park provides a unique experience for people who want to learn to ride or drive and really get the best out of their course. The use of the circuit enables you to build confidence before taking to the road with one of our highly qualified instructors. Chief instructor Sean Hayes, with years of road and racing experience under his belt, ensures every client gets the most from their course. As a major contributor to national magazines (Bike, Ride, Motorcycle News etc) and author of "Pass The Bike Test", his passion for quality training is widely recognised. Our unique training course will give you the confidence to pass your driving test with ease. Understanding vehicle handling in a professional, safe environment is vital to staying safe. Decision making on the road is demonstrated and practiced on track, to help all clients build experience, understanding and confidence. This is proven to be the safest and most effective way to learn.

We'll ensure that you're safe and competent enough to be out on public roads. Our fully qualified DVSA instructors will accompany you on the road all the way through to test, giving you the calm, logical instruction you need to pass first time. Motorcycle training or driving lessons, you can choose a 4, 5 or 9 day course, so allow yourself enough time to learn safely, understand and enjoy.