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"Whether you are looking to pass you car or motorcycle test, Mallory Park is the place to learn" Bike magazine

Circuit Based Training at Mallory Park provides a safe, controlled environment, where you can learn how to handle a motorcycle or drive a car, before continuing your training on public roads. As a major racing circuit for bikes and cars since the 1950's, Mallory Park provides a unique experience for people who want to learn to ride or drive. Safe, but exhilarating, the use of the circuit enables you to build confidence and master your vehicle, before going out on the road with one of our highly qualified instructors. Chief instructor Sean Hayes, with years of racing experience under his belt, ensures that every client gets the most from their course. As a major contributor to national magazines (Bike, Ride, Motorcycle News etc) and author of "Pass The Bike Test", his passion for quality training is widely recognised. Our one week driving course will give you the confidence to pass your bike or car test with ease. Understanding handling in a professional, safe environment is the key to learning any new skill.

At Circuit Based Training, we'll ensure that you're safe and competent enough to be out on public roads, on a bike or in a car. Everybody needs time to build confidence and technique, before embarking onto real traffic situations. The race track is ideal for this, giving you the chance to learn and improve until you are happy. The road environment is far less daunting having spent some time on track.

Look on our Direct Access page for full details of motorcycle courses or the Driving Lessons page for car lessons.

Book your course online with a small deposit or call us on 01455 840645. Remember to Pass your car or motorcycle theory test before attending, call 0300 200 1122 to book.

Before booking your training course, you should be aware of the main reasons why many new riders / drivers get into trouble.

  • Inability to corner correctly at speed along with poor slow control, especially at junctions through lack of practice.
  • Lack of ability or experience of braking in corners between 40-70mph in an emergency.
  • Lack of private practice space for all manouvres.
  • Feeling rushed out onto the public roads before they are really truly ready, resulting in many mishaps and heart stopping moments.
  • General lack of familiarity of how the vehicle feels and handles, this is then a major factor in safety and client progression.
  • Little or no classroom time spent discussing vital areas of concern e.g. cornering, braking, overtaking, pulling away, procedures, etc.
  • Thinking they don't have to read the "Highway Code", it's essential that you keep up to date.


The limitations of learning new techniques on public roads, mean that it can takes several months to get anywhere near test standard, with most training schools. At Circuit Based Training it's different, because you're on a race track, we can work quickly to get you up to standard. We have no limitations with traffic, so you can concentrate on mastering the skills needed to pass your test. With our proven "one week intensive course", you will be putting yourself in the best possible position to get your full licence. Whether you choose to do the car test or motorcycle test, we know you'll wonder why everyone doesn't do it this way. We get great results, fast.

Motorcycle training in London
Motorcycle lessons on road
Learn in days, not months.

Learn in days, not months.

Steve Quote

"Learning on the track gave me the confidence to pass my test first time. I couldn't have done it without you" Steve


For those who are travelling, a choice of accomodation is available near to the circuit.

Kirkby House , LE9 7QE 01455 841153

Royal Arms Hotel , CV13 OAG 01455 290263

To Sean and Dave,

I would like to thank you guys for the priceless experience and confidence I gained for the advanced cornering course.

I learned so much that day, especially in the class that morning ,Shaun explanations on approach positioning , gearing and the correct method of steering etc made sense straight away and if it didn't make sense he took the time to find another method to explain to me until it made sense .

Whereas, the numerous times I have asked my brother and mates to explain how they corner because when we are riding they make it look so easy , none of their explanations made any sense to me .

My time on the track when far better than I expected , which was definitely down to the teaching methods and the advice given on track by Sean and Dave, as they observe your cornering whilst riding along side you .

And if that don't work as it didn't for me straight away , Shaun recommend a pavilion ride and for me being on the back whilst Shaun went up and down the track(extremely fast ) gave me the biggest insight to what cornering is really about .

I can't wait to go back to learn how to put my knee down 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Garry Cy 16/05/2015


Dear Sean and Dave,

I thought I will send you a quick email to thank you both for helping me to pass my motorcycle driving licence test.

It wasn't the first time when I tried to got into biking. In fact this was the third attempt for me to obtain a driving licence - I failed previously twice on the swerve manoeuvre. I was dreading this part of MOD 1! The previous schools I trained with in London did not have facilities to safely teach me how to do it properly. I am now wondering if they even had the know-how - no one mentioned to me counter-steering, using vanishing point to asses the turn etc. In one of the London Schools - we were practising swerve on an open road! Ridiculous and very dangerous idea. The other day we tried to practice it on a bus loop but were soon chased out from there. We could only swerve to the right - left was too dangerous because we would be swerving towards the curb; actually to me, not knowing much about it, swerving to the opposite lane of traffic was even more dangerous. After failing the same part of MOD1 twice and not being able to properly practice it, I've decided that enough is enough and I will not be wasting any more time and money on schools that don't even have facilities to train me in a safe way. 

Luckily I have found your school. Be able to practice on a racetrack, feel the speed, learn all the manoeuvres before heading to open roads - what a great idea! Sounds obvious to me now. This should be the only way to learn how to ride a motorbike. For the first time I had an opportunity to practice counter-steering, to feel how that helps in bends, when using it. On a first day - we have all learned how to safely brake in the corner, while doing over 60mph!Before I didn't even know it is possible! Each day we could practice the elements that we felt we needed to work on, in our own pace. Area to practice MOD1 was laid out and ready for us to use when we wanted. I must have done, the previously dreaded swerve, hundreds of times - also in heavy rain, with speeds greatly exceeding required 31.2mph. The result? I have passed MOD1 on a day when it was raining and snowing! Guess what? After having such great instructors and so much time to practice, it was a piece of cake! Even though the roads were slippery. I have done emergency braking and swerve at required speeds on my first attempt - my intention was to try to use the first run as a practice and than speed up to required level, but even doing the exercises in the wet, at my "slow/practice" pace,was fast enough. MOD2 was equally easy - I have not been marked for even a minor riding fault! Quite a result for someone who previously failed twice! It's in large extent thanks to both of you and great training I received from you.

Looking back in time - I am glad that I have failed previously - because of that I had a chance to learn the basics right, from you, before starting to ride a motorbike. Because of that I am a much safer rider. At the same time, I know how much more there is still to learn. I will be back for advance cornering soon!

Advice to all people planning to get a motorbike licence soon or to those that feel like they might use some extra tuition: don't waste time and money on schools that don't teach you what they should do - how to be a safe and fast rider and have fun on motorcycle - this is exactly what you can learn from these guys! Highly recommended!

Thank you both once again. It's been great fun to learn from you. See you soon!

All the best,


Hi Sean,

Just a quick email this time (well it can only be hoped)

The mod 2 test and his comments on my observing.......

Maybe i didnt make my observations uber obvious or he was just being arsy having thought it over on the way home (friday traffic made it a long drive home). There was only 2 or 3 right turns , which were all done after a line of traffic coming the other way (so who's coming up my right hand side) and you know what im like with roundabouts (for someone to cut me off from my right on the exit they would have had to be travelling impossibly fast (the test route was no more busy than it had been when we'd done our ride through earlier).

He did the whole pull up on my left hand side on a left turn out of a junction (id never initially intended stopping, there was a car indicating left etc, but i had one of those "i don't entirely trust them to make the maneuver they are indicating" so stopped etc)anyway i thought of what you had said gave him a look, pulled forward just a couple of inches stopped again and made him wait with a look of come on man were you born a dick or is it something you've been practicing for a while ;-)

Ah shoot I'm not bothered by all that , heck I got the certificate after all

So that's not the important part of or the real reason for this email.....

Following you back to Mallory....there's a reason i let you go in get to check the bends for me ( is that cheating do you think?).Anyway, couldn't tell you where it was, decent left hand bend, tree lined, at or near top of a hill . Just getting into the bend and a blue VW coming the other way decides bends are not his thing and would like maybe to straighten it out a bit and starts crossing the centre divider. Hmmm what to do? No fuss, no bother strategic use of the Jedi counter steering trick and some throttle and im away from his bow wave of destruction (I wonder what would have happened on the way back with another school???????)

For that many thanks ad infinitum


What a great day! Arrived at Mallory Park with my only real experience being a 125cc scooter that I’ve been using in London. We started with some classroom work but rather than it being the usual 'tell you what you need to know', this was really insightful stuff. There was 5 on the course and we led the discussion of what we wanted to cover. We all had lightbulb moments. Sean de-clutters the theory and just makes it simple and logical.

Within an hour though, we were on the bikes heading to the circuit. A 650cc is somewhat bigger than my Vespa but being on the track meant I didn’t have to worry about traffic. I could just take it easy and get used to the bike. For those that might be in a similar position to me, the experience of opening up the throttle was phenomenal. And on a track you can do just that.

I’d read other reviews prior to coming talking about Counter Steering and I just thought it was some jargon. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It completely changes how you turn into a corner and gives you so much more control. If I’d done my course on the roads, I’d simply never have done this. 30 minutes on a 650cc bike, and I’m going round a race track corner, leaning over, trying to get my knee out…then opening up out of the corner to 80mph+. Now, I realise this is slow for those that are experienced, but for an absolute amateur…well I could have just gone round corners all day. It was amazing! Not sure this would have been possible on the streets of London.

Both Sean and Sam took me pillion when I struggled with certain aspects. This was brilliant to really get a feel for what the bike was meant to be doing and how it should feel. Smooth gear changes. Leaning into a corner. Braking hard into corners. Without being pillion I would never have grasped these things.

Myth: Don’t break whilst cornering.
Reality: it’s safe if you follow Sean’s advise. Again, something else you simply can’t practise on a road.

Afternoon: All work on Modular 1 of Direct Access. Fantastic. Loads and loads of work on what you need for the test. Slalom, figure of 8, emergency stop, swerve etc. Sean and Sam were happy to let us practice as much as we all needed which was brilliant.

Still buzzing from the day. Going to sleep well tonight! Bring on Day 2.

Miles Harley 8th September 2015


Catt's Review

Ive wanted to ride a motorbike for years, and in 2009 decided to do something about it. I went to my local bike school, thinking they were all the same (Big Mistake).

Anyway i had some lessons, and went in for my Mod 1 test. During my emergency stop, i panicked and grabbed my brakes which lead to a bad fall, smashing my shoulder and arm, so bad i was told there was a chance i could lose my arm. They managed to save my arm (well it looks ok) but 18 months later and after two major ops, i only have 30% use of it.

Mad as it may seem, i still wanted my bike licence.

This time i did my home work, i found CBT at Mallory Park, i read all the reviews about them and phoned them more than once to ask questions, then arranged a course.

My biggest worry (and i had lots) was lack of confidence, i needed to get it back.

WOW, these guys were just what i needed. Hot smileThey taught me more in my first day, then i'd learnt from the beginning of my biker days.

CBT only have a small group of 4 to 5 people, compared to my first school who had double. Everyone get the same tuition, and if you grasp it straight away, fab, go and practice, if not then they stay with you till you do. And if your a thicko like me, and dont understand, they show you another way to do it. Simple. 

They encourage you to try all the different bikes they have, they never push you, its all about going at your own pace, and feeling comfortable and safe.

The classroom stuff, was so helpful too, showing you road positioning and so on. No question is too daft for them, they have heard it a million times over.

The first school i went too,told me i "not to use my rear brake i didnt need it",( i thought well why is there?But they know more than me, so i believed them). Dave instructed me on when and how to use it, and guess what? It really works.

Clutch control is something the first school gave me two minutes on, then it was left up to me to find out how it worked. Dave finally made it make sense, and its a lot easier when you understand how it works and why.

Counter Steering, the first school told me it was for experienced riders. Not So if you want to get round a bend safe, then you need to know how to do it, and guess what?. It works.

Emergency stops and the swerve test, were set up on the track, this was hard one for me, but Dave made it so easy. He told me to go at my own pace and practice, i could build up my speed later. And guess what, it works.

The first bike school told me, " we dont teach you to ride, we teach you to pass a test".Well maybe if they had taught me to ride, i would still have a arm that works 100%.

Sean and Dave taught me to control and ride my bike safely and with confidence, there was never any pressure just encouragement These guys have the facilities the knowledge, the patience but most of all, they have passion, and if you get to meet them, you will know what i mean by the passion.

Dont make the mistake i made, thinking every bike school is the the same, there is good and bad out there, find out all you can about the school, read the reviews people write. Im not the type of person to write a review i usually cant be bothered, but i think this is important, even if you decide not to go here, please be careful, i was lucky my accident could have been a lot worse. If your going to do it, go with the best and these guys are THE VERY BEST.

Sean and Dave i can never thank you enough. Its wasnt easy but you got me there. Ive been out everyday on my 650 Bandit and bloody love it. Will send you some pics soon. Im coming back for the cornering course in a few months and

Carly's review

Hi Sean & Dave.....

Just wanted to say thank you for teaching me to ride and not just teaching me enough to 'get through' my test! (like most schools do). I found the classroom based tutoring as well as the track, very beneficial.

I was very nervous about coming up to Mallory park and riding on the track...... But when I met you guys you made me feel at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the track after all!!!

I had lost my passion for riding, mainly due to the school I was with. Didn't feel comfortable and dreaded the thought of if I did anything wrong! Also found them to be very unprofessional..... This is when I started to ring round to find alternative schools...... And ended up finding you guys! Wish I had started my training with you from the beginning. I felt so welcome and met really nice people, and also learnt how to ride PROPERLY.

Wish more schools had your approach to training

Thanks again! I'm super happy now I'm out on my bike :)))

Will see you guys soon and will do the adv cornering course...... probably be next year though :(

Take Care

Carly : Feb 2016

Adam's Review

Dear Sean, Sam and Dave,

 As promised and deserved I wanted to send a heart felt thanks for all your time and effort whilst I was under your tution for my DAS course, w.c. 06/09/15.

For anyone after a bike licence looking for the right school, and I know there's plenty out there, in my opinion the right choice are these guys. There's a little extra to commit costwise (when compaired with some) but the return you get in experience, knowledge and value for money is second to none. As aforemented by a previous review I too had somehow been granted a CBT pass by another school. Which is shocking really given the poor standard of riding I had before attending Mallory Park. 

Day 1 was one to remember, secondly only to test day. To say I'd had maybe an hour on a bike before hand, by the end of the day I was riding a 600 Bandit around Mallory Park and trying, but failing, to keep up with the guys on their advanced course. It was awesome and had I failed it would have still been worth paying, just for that.

I don't know if my test day will be used as a "what not to do" but needless to say I scraped through my mod 1 (no reflection on the guys).This was possibly thanks to a bit of luck and an examiners wife giving her husband more than just a bowl of Cornflakes in bed that morning. After that I was a bag of nerves mindful of the fact I'd pulled a shocker. Rather than ride the bike to death before my mod 2, Sean sat me down and I was told exactly what I needed to hear. Mod 2 was taken by a slightly less leanient examiner and somehow I passed. I got a few minors, mostly for un-ecofriendly riding (whoever dreamt up that needs a slap) but needless to say me passing was entirely down to the expert instruction of Sean and Dave.
For anyone taking their test, I wish you the best of luck and hope you make the right choice and use Circuit Based Training.
Many thanks again and I look forward to seeing you both for the advanced class.
Kind regards



James's Review

Dear Sean, Sam and Dave,

I am now back in Dubai – have not managed to buy a bike yet, but I am certainly on the look-out.

I just wanted to write a note to say thank you for all of your support and guidance, not just in getting me to a point where I could pass the test, but going beyond that to teach me how to actually ride a bike safely and properly – this was exactly what I was looking for.

I have been well aware of the potential dangers involved in riding a bike from the beginning, and learning things like countersteering and emergency stopping on a bend have made me feel a lot more comfortable and prepared to reduce the level of danger as much as I can.

In fact I think it was the fact that we had practiced emergency stopping on a bend that saved me getting into an accident when that moronic driver in the BMW didn’t look and came out flying onto the roundabout nearly taking me out.

Serious stuff aside, I had a great week and really enjoyed it. Learning on the track for the first couple of days was not only fun, but allowed us to learn the physical aspects of riding a bike and cornering at speed etc before getting out in front of traffic. 

I will take the cornering course when I return to the UK to live (hopefully in about 18 months), and look forward to a bit more banter in the process!

Hope you are all well!

James 25/2/2016


Murray's Review

Hi buddy,
Again many thanks for the training I received. You guys should be very proud of what you run at Mallory.
 Here is my review of the 4 day direct access.

My course started when calling CBT ltd to book my course, I was talked through their learning programme and then advised which course would match my bike/ road experience.
For people who do not know me, I have been driving since 2005 and the morning of the 13/02/2012 I had never ridden a geared bike.

My morning started with a nice hot cup of tea followed by a quick classroom session to give you an understanding of what you will be taught over the next few days. 
In no time at all I was standing on track with two 600cc bikes. I was already being show test questions which if your a driver will relate to this as the 'show and tell' section of the car test.

I spent the next few hours learning techniques which will save my life one day. I was completely shocked when I was told that other companies do not and will not try to teach you these techniques. The classroom sections really link in with the track sessions and everything seems to link in seamlessly. 

By the end of the first day I was riding around the local roads of Mallory which gave me a chance to put some of my new skills to use on public roads. Everything you learn at Mallory makes sense on track and on the road it makes MORE sense, it gives you more time at junctions so you are able to relax and just make you a safer rider.

All through the course I felt relaxed and CBT ltd is run very very well. I can not rate these guys enough. I haven't shut up about you guys to my friends and family and would say if you are thinking or about to book your bike training......Make sure its with CBT ltd it will make you a safer more relaxed biker with a bigger understanding of what is going on around you and if the worst should happen how to get your ass out of a situation quickly and safely.

 CBT ltd even take the worries and hassel out of booking your test, when you are trying to learn a new skill such as riding and passing the test the last thing you want is having to make sure if you get your test booked in the correct centre, making sure your on time and making sure there are no mess up's with the DSA booking system. I turned up for my Mod 1 on Friday and got talking to another guy taking his test (or what he thought) there was a complication with his booking meaning he had to return the following week. 
My test time was given to me half way through the week and all I had to do was book my course with CBT ltd.

In short :-
Monday morning - I had never been on a geared bike.
Friday 1pm - I had passed my Mod 1 and Mod 2.

A massive thanks to everyone at CBT ltd 

Thanks for everything mate and I will be back for the extra courses 100%

 Murray Luker 22/2/2016

I recent took my motorcycle riding training and licensing test using Circuit Based Training, having used two other companies to try and achieve the same goal.
My experience with the two other companies was that once they got your commitment to employ them, the milking process started.

I was on the verge of giving up when I came across Circuit Based Training, when I discussed my needs with them it was simply succinct and to the point, they will train you to pass your test, ride confidently, and pass mod 1 and 2 in four days. They do what they say in a professional, dedicated manner, with your objectives in mind. So that when you pass the test's you are able to ride in a safe competent, manner with out putting your self at risk.

It dose what it says on the box...Way to go CBT.

Keith Liscott 19/5/2016​

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