Terms and Conditions

Circuit Based Training (Mallory) Ltd is responsible for all motorcycle training. Circuit Based Training Ltd is soley responsible for all car driver training. All fees must be paid in full, 10 days before commencement of the course.

A charge of 3% is added to all credit card transactions. No charges are added to payments made by cheque, Switch or Delta. Bookings are secured with a non refundable deposit. Balance of fees is payable no later than 10 days before courses start date.

All clients must be in good health with eyesight up to the standard required by UK law. Clients should not be suffering from any illness / medical condition which makes it unsafe to participate and should be aware of and have read the "Highway Code". All clients must carry their driving lience with them at ALL times, especially on test day. DVSA rule is No licence = No Test

Training / test days may be exchanged due to adverse weather conditions (snow, ice, high winds etc). A "guaranteed pass" scheme is available on all Direct access courses and Driver training courses at an additional cost of £599 and must be requested when booking.

The "guaranteed pass"entitles the rider or driver to 2 additional tests after their initial test making a total of three test attempts, unlimited training is available in between test slots. This gauranteed pass scheme cannot be added once a course has started. Hourly lessons are charged at £50 per hour up to a maximum of 5 hours, this is charged in 30 minute blocks. Retest days will be charged at daily rate of £310 plus test fees. Module 1 motorcycle tests are arranged for a fee of £60, module 2 motorcycle tests are arranged for a fee of £120. Car test fees are charged at £120.

All training may include passenger rides, demonstrations, classroom sessions, video or photgraphic analysis as well as practical driving. Our cars and motorcycles are all manual gears only. We do not provide Automatic transmission vehicles. Any cancellation must be made in writing. A cancellation notice of 10 working days, before scheduled course date, is required for a full refund.

Late cancellations, after this 10 day period, are refunded subject to an administration fee of £120. Any cancellation once a client has attended the course, has read and signed the client declaration form, and started an engine, result in total loss of fees. Courses are booked for a specified time period only and are not transferable. Bookings are secured with a minimum deposit of £200 or full payment. All deposits are non refundable.

Rescheduled test days / individual training days will be charged at £310. All fees must be paid for in advance of any training. The payment of fees will be deemed to be acceptance of the conditions above. I have read the above declaration and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Circuit Based Training (Mallory)Ltd, Mallory Park, Kirkby Mallory, Leicester LE9 7QE 01455 840 645 (Motorcycle rider training) f(Motorcycle r@circuitbasedtraining.co.uk

Circuit Based Training Ltd, Mallory Park, Kirkby Mallory, Leicester. LE9 7QE 01455 840645 (Car driver training)