Trailer Training

DVSA Trailer Training - Driving License B + E Categories

Everyone who passed their driving test after 1st January 1997, are required, by law, to undertake further training and pass the DVSA trailer test. Only then are you allowed to legally tow a trailer, horse box, boat, caravan etc.

Pass your trailer test with confidence on our 2 - 3 day course. With over 20 years experience testing with the DVSA, we know exactly what is required to help you pass your trailer test with confidence. You'll be able to handle any situation with confidence, whether you are towing a horsebox, motorcycle trailer or caravan.

Learn to handle your car trailer in the safety of Mallory Park, where we can help you build your confidence and techniques in a safe, controlled environment before heading out onto public roads.

Each day starts at 10am with a classroom session and briefing, followed by practical skills of coupling and uncoupling, reversing both left and right along with manouevering as required on the test.

Once you are totally comfortable with all aspects of the off road elements, we'll then progress onto the road driving requirements for junctions, following distances, road positioning, cornering, use of speed, observations and reversing.

Mock test scenarios are encouraged with our fully qualified grade "A" DVSA driving instructors.

We'lll book your practical test for you and even accompany and support you, while you are on the trailer test.


It's nerve managment for most clients , so it's good to have a friendly face by your side throughout.

Training days are scheduled to finish at 4pm


  • DVSA trailer test
  • Huge off road training facilities
  • Health & safety – trailer use
  • Suitable for ALL trailers inc horse boxes, motorcycle trailers and caravans up to 3,500KG
  • Relevant towing law
  • Pre-towing inspection
  • Coupling and uncoupling the trailer
  • Reversing & manoeuvring
  • All the B+E test roadwork.
  • Mock tests with DVSA grade "A" instructors.
  • Accompany and support on your practical test.

We recommend the use of your own vehicle for familiarity during the course, using our trailer which is designed specifically for the B+E test. Vehicle hire is available if required.

Passing the DVSA test allows you to tow a trailer up to a gross weight (trailer including load) of 3500kg.(3.5 tons).

Choose either the 2 day (Confident) or 3 day (Cautious) course.

N.B. Your insurance may be void if you are towing illegally, the legal implications would prove difficult, with fines ranging up to £5,000, endorsements on your licence and increased premiums on insurance renewals for the next 5 years