Wet Weather Courses £350

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It may not be your intention to ride in the rain and given the choice you'd probably prefer not to. Unfortunately, we all get caught out from time to time. Many riders become aprehensive and can become overly concerned with grip levels under acceleration, braking and cornering under wet conditions. This can lead to accidents, palputations and heart stopping moments, we'd all prefer "not to tell the wife". These moments may lead to boisterous banter with the lads, but we know, in our heart of hearts, how close we really came to having a primary role at the inquest.

Don't let yourself be put off by these conditions which can seriously effect your judgement and confidence. We will give you the opportunity to understand how to control the bike, under braking, acceleration and cornering, which may well suprise you.

The opportunity to practice under the safe, controlled conditions of the wet race track may well prove to be invaluable when faced with real life situations on the open road. As an added benefit, many clients report that their normal riding under dry conditions improves considerably, having examined more closely their wet weather techniques.

This is why we offer the wet weather course.

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