Driving Lessons - 9 Days (No Experience. Steady pace)

This course is designed for people who want to take their time and learn at a steady pace with little or no pressure.

The first week is aimed at car control, much in the same way as the 5 day course, but without the impending pressure of a test at the end of the week.

You can relax, gaining confidence and understanding of how to drive safely and competently. You can take a more long term view of passing your driving test, rather than having the feeling of rushing to get it all done in one week.

The full DVSA driving test takes place the following week.

With this, more considered approach, you can spend more time on all the areas that really matter to you and have time to reflect on your progress.

While some new drivers prefer to get it all done in one week, many of our clients prefer this 9 day course for the peace of mind it brings. If you have waited years to gain your driving licence, why rush it?

This is still an intensive course, it will help you to make the correct decisions in a far greater variety of situations out on the road than trying to fit it all in with a shorter time span.

You'll be looking to drive safely for the next 30 or more years, a few more days to understand and experience everything required, could be just what you need.

Direct Access Motorcycle training (Inc CBT) at Mallory Park

Direct Access motorcycle training enables riders to gain a full UK motorcycle licence. This means you can go directly onto large capacity motorcycles safely, as long as your training is as exhaustive and detailed as it should be. At Circuit Based Training, we have the experience to deliver quality bike training for every new rider, helping you to pass the bike test with confidence. We don't believe that "adequate" training, covering just the basics of motorcycling is good enough. Through our work with the racing community, the motorcycling press and Police forces throughout the country, we have developed the best Direct Access training programme in the UK. Talk to any motorcyclist and they will tell you what we teach is great for getting a test pass but more importantly, it will keep you out of A&E. Our training will put a huge grin on your face when you realise the true benefits of initial training on the race track. Let's teach you how to perfrom emergency stops at 30-70mph half way round a bend or in a straight line, because, let's face it, you don't get the choice in the real world. Let's cover cornering techiques in full, the same as an "advanced" motorcyclist, because we don't believe that going round a corner is an "advanced" skill, it's essential! We all need confidence when it comes to cornering, this is born out of good, proven technique. Let's teach you all the techniques, within the safety of the race track. You'll soon realise that riding a motorbike is ALL about cornering confidence, without it you'll be scared stiff and never make the progress that you have been dreaming about.

The Direct Access course covers vital areas such as;

Hazard perception / Forward planning / Scanning / Dismissing / Focal points / Risk assessment / Counter steering

Throttle control / Clutch control / Braking balance / Cadence braking / Reference points / Balance points / Slow speed skillls

Module 1 and 2 test procedures / Mock tests on track and road / Junction work on track and road / Speed limits / Traffic management / Crash avoidance / Overtaking / Filtering

Course Schedule

MONDAY Track / Paddock Time Inc CBT

Official CBT day incorporating all the legal elements of compulsory basic training.

One of the most important aspects of riding a motorcycle is confidence, so we're on on the track or in the paddock, learning to handle big bikes (650cc, we don't stick you on a 125) at serious speeds. Cornering is fully explained in the classroom incorporating counter steering techniques, to accurately put the bike exactly where you want it.

Emergency braking at up to 70mph, followed by the same exercise halfway round a corner. Let's prove you can perform emergency stops at 70mph while you're banked over and still hold your intended line! By the end of the day you'll be grinning at how much fun you've had and how much you have achieved on the race track, in comparison to the school playgrounds and public car parks offered elsewhere. We are very much against the "First gear, second gear, stop before you hit the tennis nets" mentality of some motorcycle schools, where you find yourself being encouraged to ride onto public roads, when you are clearly not ready yet. At Mallory Park we work with you to ensure you are safe and confident before you get on the road.