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4 Day Course

The 4 day driver training course is for those who are confident in a car. You may have had a handful of driving lessons, but never had the opportunity to build upon this. Having the race circuit available to practice on, will allow you to concentrate on the hand / eye co ordination required to control the car safely. An empty race track, where you can learn at your own pace, without any major surprises, is the ideal learning experience. The progress most people make is quite astounding. Within the first couple of days you'll have the opportunity to use all 6 forward gears, achieved speeds of 50-60mph, reverse round a corner, parallel park, bay park, perform an emergency stop at 30-60mph, steer correctly at low and high speed, understand reference points regarding road positioning, use of mirrors (MSMPSL), procedure for hazard awareness and meeting traffic, upward and downward hill starts along with turning left or right at junctions. You'll learn how to accelerate at an acceptable rate for the road. You'll be confidently accelerating away from junctions, building speed up to 50-60 mph by midday.There's nothing worse than an unsure, dawdling learner driver, who's lacking in confidence and experience on the road, doing half the speed limit, with a massive queue of impatient traffic behind them. It's not safe to learn like that, and puts too much pressure on the learner driver. We can completely remove that pressure by staying within the circuit until you are genuinley ready for the road. Just as importantly, you need to know how it feels to stop the car from 60mph. We'll help you undertsand how it feels, correct procedures for test and appropriate braking pressure to guide you safely down to a controlled, accurate stop. You can experience how it feels to perform an emergency stop half way round a bend at 40-60mph under control.

At Mallory Park, we can concentrate on you and your techniques. Your learning curve will be quick, safe and enjoyable. All the relevant skills for test are covered. Only when you, and we, are happy with everything required for the driving test, would you continue your driving lessons on public roads with your fully qualified DSA instructor. Progress on the road is logical and safe, due to the amount of initial time spent on track, so you can cover more miles successfully and confidently towards your test pass. Why would anyone would want to learn anywhere else?

Once you're ready, you'll take to the roads to get familiar with the test centre and routes. All areas are covered from turning in the road, to overtaking on dual carriageways. As these are full days, you'll quickly gain all the skills needed to pass the car test with the confidence and ability of a mature, experience driver. Although this is an intensive driving course, nothing is ever rushed. Our instructors have years of experience, delivering a calm, logical format that ensures you can make safe progress quickly. Our fully qualified, DSA instructors will guide you through every aspect of the test and perform mock tests with you to ensure you are ready.

Each day starts at 9.30am from Mallory Park with classroom sessions, demonstrations, in car client comparison drives, and individual driving, to help you fully understand what is expected on the driving test. Some people expect to be driving for 7 hours a day on a 1:1 basis, this is not the case. This would be too tiring for the driver. We aim to give you a comprehensive learning experience on how to behave on the road and to fully understand your legal obligations as a driver. It's relatively easy to learn how to change gear, accelerate and stop, these basic controls are just the start.

What matters most, is how you integrate with other road users and the decisions you make to ensure safe progress at all times. This element of learning to drive needs to be experienced and understood calmly, so we put clients together to enhance undertsanding and awareness. As anyone who has failed a driving test will tell you, it's generally the incorrect decision, usually through uncertainty or pure guesswork, that leads to a test fail, or an accident, not the mechanics of how to control the car.

By observing as well as driving with other students, each client develops a better understanding of how to drive safely and make the vital decisions needed in plenty of time to stay safe. Many clients report that they learnt as much from the passenger seat as they do from the practicall driving. Having qualified their understanding, they made better decisions when at the wheel and felt far more comfortable with their overall driving ability and co-ordination. Confidence levels and ability increase far quicker this way.

It's really important for new drivers to understand and observe correct driving techniques coupled with professional forward planning to prevent accidents and pass their test confidently.

Trying to learn these skills, while controlling the car is virtually impossible. As an instructor, all we hear from a client who is driving, is their immediate concerns of how or when to brake, accelerate or steer. New drivers, when at the wheel, block out any area of learning that is not immediately in front of them, or what they consider to be important at the time. They can get brain overload when trying to negotiate the most simple of tasks, resulting in panic, shock or occasionally apathy.

Most other considerations are not thought to be important or relevant to some new drivers, but when it comes to test, an examiner can tell whether you deserve your licence or not. They know whether you have a true understanding and appreciation of your role on the road and your legal requirement to drive safely and pass your driving test.

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For those who are travelling, a choice of accomodation is available near to the circuit.

Kirkby House , LE9 7QE www.kirkby-house.com 01455 841153

Royal Arms Hotel , CV13 OAG www.royalarms.co.uk 01455 290263

A pick up / drop off service is available from your hotel or home.